Notes From Atlanta

Friday, April 30, 2004

Hair Care Down There.

Who knew there were websites devoted to pubic hair care. Now there are spas that not only wax women, but also men. My favorite quote from this story is about waxing a man's private parts. See the last quoted paragraph.

Most men probably coif in the privacy of their own bathrooms with razor, soap and maybe a beard trimmer, but calls to skin care salons and day spas around the country revealed that many are now going pro. Beverly Hills skin care and waxing expert Nance Mitchell says she has about 50 regular male customers who come for pubic waxing “and they are not gay and they not porn stars,” she tells me before I have a chance to ask.

“Some go totally bare, some just do the shaft and up around the pelvic area," she says.

The style, Mitchell says, depends on what their wives and girlfriends want. Men go along, she explains, because removing the hair makes the whole package look bigger. She charges $85 and up for the service.

“They get waxes?” I ask, incredulous that men, known sissies when it comes to any threat to their treasures, would submit to a procedure the United Nations would outlaw if it were used as torture. “And you do the waxing?”

“Yes, they get waxes,” Mitchell laughs. “It’s just like driving a sports car. You grab the [stick shift] and you go, babe!”

I don't know if I could handle the pain unless handcuffs or leather restraints are involved.

A little secret, I used to refer to "pubic hair" as "public hair" in my youth. Of course I am no longer in my 30's. 


This bitch is crazy.

As a liberal democrat, let me say, Cynthia McKenney, and her father, are fruitcakes. She has qualified to run in this election, and I hope she gets whupped again. Research has shown there was actually very little crossover voting, which she blamed her defeat on. She needs to face the fact that in a district specifically drawn for her, she was beaten because she is a lousy congressperson. She brought no pork and did very little for the people of her district.

Denise Majette, who beat McKinney in the primary of 2000, is vacating the seat to run for the senate set Zell Miller is vacating. Zell Miller, of course, is almost as crazy as McKinney, just in a slightly different way. At least he can blame age. 

Thursday, April 29, 2004

If you drink and drive, don't hit a cyclist.


A Sonoma County prosecutor says he may seek second-degree murder charges against two suspected drunken drivers accused of killing two bicyclists eight days apart earlier this month.

Deputy District Attorney William Brockley, in court Wednesday on both cases, said a decision on murder charges will follow an evaluation of evidence gathered during the investigations of both deadly accidents.

"You bet, if I have the evidence,'' Brockley said. "The investigation continues, and we're trying to determine if it is an appropriate charge.''

About time this started happening. I am tired of being run off the road by cars, having stuff thrown at me, and just be considered unworthy of being on the road. Lets start punishing the drivers who injure cyclists. Of course this is happening in California. In Georgia I believe the cops still give high fives to anybody who runs a cyclist off the road. 


Lance speaks highly of the Tour de Georgia.


"It was an experiment, it was risky and a bit of a jump into the unknown, but the results were more than satisfying," Armstrong told l'Equipe after his Georgia win. "I had the privilege of being with my three kids, which is vital. Plus, my training went better than expected and the race [in Georgia] was really tough, maybe even a little too tough."

As his future as a professional now seems to hinge on the arrival of a new team sponsor to replace the US Postal Service, which will not renew its contract after 2004, Armstrong can imagine repeating this year's "experiment".

"If I'm still riding next year, I'll try to race more in the USA, on the condition that the races are as well organised as in Georgia," he said. "And I think I'll come back to spend April at home."

It was a very well organized race. My hats of to the people running the Tour de Georgia, for everything other than the silly name. (Tour of Georgia, damnit! This is 'Murica!)

Allez Ya'll! 


Gwinnett Gladiators Playoff Hockey!

The Gladiators evened up the ECHL semifinal series at one game each last night against the Idaho ... something. The AJC didn't even list their name in the article. Here we go, the Idaho Steelhead, according to (Gooooooooooo Steelhead!)

Only 2700 or so fans showed up for this AA hockey playoff. This is great minor league hockey, however. Lots of fights! At one point a Gladiator was laying face down on the ice and he was not moving. None of the refs could even see him, because they were busy trying to break up other skirmishes. There was also some very good hockey being played. Left handed goalie Michael Garnett was fantastic making big time plays. Get out there and watch themif you get a chance.

I have to report my own injury during the game. The little blimp that flies around dropping coupons to the fans stopped above my seat to drop a coupon the the little girl sitting next to me. When released the weight of the paper clip that holds the coupon to the blimp's release mechanism drove the coupon quickly down and right into my left eye. Lawsuits should be filed in the next day or two.

Gwinnett Gladiators website. 


Alone again, naturally.

Heh heh! 

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Great letter about love, support, triathlons and war.

From Inside Triathlon:

Then in December 2003, in a matter of weeks, our world turned upside down. We found out that Chris would be going to Iraq. As a reserve Marine Captain, Chris' skill set was needed over there. The orders would be for at least seven months, and would effectively put a hold on his training. The family and friends were all informed, and the packing began. Coach Bob was very gracious, wished Chris well, and asked to be kept apprised of how Chris was doing. We added him to our e-mail list. To be honest, I never expected to hear from the Coach again, until Chris came home and resumed his training.

Chris started sending e-mail updates home periodically, and as promised, I sent them out to our mailing list. The Coach contacted me after about two or three of these updates, to ask if he could send packages to Chris. I kindly thanked him, and told him some of the things Chris said he and his men could use.

What I expected was a token gesture from the Coach, a box of items for Chris' use, as a show of support that the mentor had for his former protégé. What I got instead was a demonstration of love that a master had for his pupil. Single-handedly, Coach Bob mobilized a "support the troops" effort in his native Chicago. Going far beyond a mere indicator of support, Bob devoted his free time, money, and professional resources to collect 250 pounds of health and comfort items not only for Chris, but for his entire unit. The Coach asked his father-in-law, a Korean War veteran, to help him shop for the items that warriors would need overseas. And more touchingly, Coach Bob prints out Chris' e-mails from the war zone and reads them aloud to his other fitness clients. He explains that though they are sweating to lose five or ten pounds in a gym setting, it could always be worse. Without taking an opinion or advocating for or against the war, Coach Bob is simply motivated by showing his support, and his love, for his student athlete. As far as I know, he's not only collected all of the goods, and secured corporate donations, but he's paying for the shipping of all of the items out of his own pocket.

Just go read the whole letter. It is very moving. 


Of course he has a medal!

Yes, he has a medal. But, if he throws it away, he will probably get his ass kicked. 

Monday, April 26, 2004

Kerry vs Bush: War Record

See the commercial. 


I touched Mario Cipollini's ass.

The Tour de Georgia came to a conclusion yesterday in Alpharetta, Georgia. I was lucky enough to attend the stages contested on Saturday and Sunday. Big time bike racing has come to Georgia, and it was a blast watching the show.

On Saturday the plan was to leave R-Ranch and cycle up to Brasstown Bald to see the finish of Stage 6 as the cyclists climbed the freakishly steep final 5 kilometers. (Stage Profile.)

We first saw the peloton about 30 miles from the finish, as hundreds of people gathered at a small intersection to see the group ride by. First we saw one of Mario Cipollini's Domina Vacanze teammates cycle by alone, and behind him a minute or so the only other remaining survivor of the early breakaway. A few minutes behind them was Lance's group, which included most of the climbers. Perhaps seven or eight minutes after the first guy came the main pack including my favorite, Super Mario, the one and only Lion King, yes, Mario Cipollini! He was surrounded my his Domina Vacanze teammates, and looked rather fresh, enjoying a nice ride in the country.

We hustled over to Brasstown Bald joining thousands of people lining the steep road. As a decent cyclist who could climb well before all my Ironman training, I cannot make it up the road to the top of Brasstown Bald. It is just too hard. These professional cyclists were going to hit it after over 120 miles of mountain riding. We positioned ourselves about halfway up the mountain, right before a very steep section. Helicopters and caravan cars announced the arrival of the riders. First we got to see Cesar Grajales of Jittery Joe's cycling team, as he had attacked Lance and company, and was stealing the show. Following him was Lance, Chris Horner, Jens Voight, Bobby Julich and other climbers.

After the climbers and UCI officials went by, the rest of the peloton arrived strung out for miles along the road. We saw one cyclist, a professional road cyclist, just fall over on the steep part. Another picked his head up right in front of me, looked at the steep section, and said "This is just insane!" Soon the crowd was pushing the cyclists up the hill. Yes, this is illegal, but done at every race. The European cyclists would look over at the crowd beside them and say in a pitiful little voice the only English they probably knew: "Puuushh! Puuusshh me!" We did. I would push maybe 15 meters and somebody else would take over as we did a fireman brigade of sorts. After one long push of a very tired cyclist, I turned around and saw Cipollini right behind me! He was sitting up waving the crowd over to help puuusshh him up the hill. I knew I had to help puuusshh him. The problem, other than I was exhausted, was that about eight people were currently puuusshhing him up the insanely steep hill and I could not get my hand on him. I ran along side waiting for the really fat guy to run out of gas and pushing a race official/volunteer out of the way. Finally, I had my shot to help push Super Mario up the hill. Yes, I touched Mario Cipollini's ass! Good times, good times!

Stage 7 was on Sunday, and I had been given some VIP USPS Sponsor Tent passes. I do not know what I did to deserve these, but the president of my company and our USPS account manager made sure I was on the list. My buddy and I were treated like royalty at the tent and trailer. We had free food, free drinks, a live television feed from one of the race motorcycles, and a viewing platform next to and above the finish line. I don't know what was better, seeing the race from the sponsor tent, or yelling out to buddies as they walked among the crowd below us trying to see the race.

Former professional cyclist. television announcer and Tour de France funny guy Bob Roll was walking around the tent, very close to the bar. My buddy was tempted to go up and talk to him, but did not know what to say that was not a cliche question he hears everyday. I knew what I would ask him: "Bob, yesterday I touched Mario Cipollini's ass. Can I touch yours today." I was not sure if he would see the humor, and did not wish to get tossed from the VIP area, so I kept my mouth shut. I should have done that more in my youth, like when getting arrested.

When the cyclists began the four lap circuit at the end of the stage we would watch the television feed inside, and when they approached the finish line, run outside to see them pass. Then back inside to see the live feed. It was not looking to good for Cipollini, as he seemed to be too far back, and his team was having trouble getting their train in gear, even with the USPS team helping to control the pace after a deal made yesterday for help reeling in the breakaway. (Yes, it appears Domina Vacanze helped reel the breakaway in even though their teammate was leading it.)

Some say that the final group sprint of a bike race is one of the greatest spectacles in sports. I agree. Seeing a group of 70 cyclists going close to 40 miles an hour as they hurl themselves towards the finish line with little thought for safety is like nothing else I have seen before. I like the strategy of the set up, the sight of a well-oiled team working to launch their sprinter, and the graceful dance of the sprinter on his pedals- which is what they show on TV. But the pure raw power you see at the live race overwhelms all of that. Wow! Cipollini lost the lead meters from the finish line, as Gordon Fraser of Health Net had the opportunity to come around the greatest sprinter in the sport and beat the Lion King fairly. What a sight!

The USPS team trailer was parked right next to the sponsor tent, and people mobbed the area trying to get a sight of, and maybe even an autograph from, Lance. I didn't bother, but went back for more food. George Hincapie made an appearance. On television he looks fairly big standing next to the other cyclists. In person he is not that tall, and has the upper body of a 8-year-old. His legs were rather gnarly looking, having huge, bulging, varicose looking veins. He did have a beautiful young lady sitting next to him wiping road grime off his face, however.

After the awards ceremony, we headed out. Our walk was interrupted when security came ushering Lance Armstrong by us. He was not four feet away from me. I could have touched his ass. I didn't. Instead while others were trying to get his autograph and shake his hand I was yelling: "Where is Sheryl?" Now that would be an ... nevermind. 

Friday, April 23, 2004

At least the AJC covered the coffin photo story.

Which is an improvement I guess. They covered both the Tami Silicio and The Memory Hole photos as news in one story, with one picture publiched on the website.

The Pentagon's ban on images of dead soldiers' homecomings at all military bases was briefly relaxed Thursday, as hundreds of photographs of flag-draped coffins at Dover Air Force Base were released on the Internet by a Web site dedicated to combating government secrecy.

The Web site, The Memory Hole (, had filed a Freedom of Information Act request last year, seeking any pictures of coffins arriving from Iraq at the Dover base in Delaware, the destination for most of the bodies. The Pentagon on Thursday labeled the Air Force Air Mobility Command's decision to grant the request a mistake, but news organizations quickly used a selection of the 361 images taken by Department of Defense photographers.

The Memory Hole is overwhelmed with traffic right now, which is good thing. Hopefully it will get mirrored. 


Funny stuff in Ask the pilot.

A great Ask the Pilot in this week.

It must have been 20 years ago when I took Republic Airlines from Chicago to Green Bay. It was a couple of days before Christmas and quite late in the evening. The flight attendant did the complete safety demonstration in a perfect imitation of Gilda Radner's Rosanne Rosanna-Danna voice from the old "Saturday Night Live."

[If you're a Gen-Xer or older you'll understand this SNL reference. The rest of you were born long after the death of genuine TV comedy.]

Flying to St. Louis, the pilot got on the public address system near Pittsburgh and said: "A special treat for the passengers on the left side. Look straight down and you'll see a very large white house. Here, let me show you." [At this point he actually tipped the plane so we could see.] "That's my ex-wife's house. I know it's her house because that's her lawyer's BMW in the driveway." He was very cheerful about the whole thing, but a lot of passengers looked at each other with a mix of laughter and anxiety.

Southwest Airlines cockpit announcement: "I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that the machine that rips the handles off luggage is broken. [Cheers from passengers.] The bad news is that our departure will be delayed for an hour while they fix it."

Heard aboard a South African discount carrier: "In the unlikely event of a water-landing, you will find a sexy yellow lifejacket under your seat, now being modeled by the flight attendant. [Wolf whistle]. The lifejacket is also equipped with a light, so you can read while waiting to be rescued."

Some very funny stuff submitted by readers. He ads a few of his own, with one very funny one:

That same airline employed another young stewardess who, fresh out of training and new to the area, did not realize that "La Guardia" and "New York" meant the same thing. While in line for takeoff one morning, a passenger asked what time they'd be landing in New York, at which point the girl exclaimed, "Oh my God, you're on the wrong plane!" The captain was informed of a misloaded passenger and, without knowing the details, decided to taxi back in. He instructed the attendant to make an announcement in case other people, too, had been boarded by mistake. "Ladies and gentlemen," she began, "If you are traveling to New York, we regret to inform you this plane is headed to La Guardia ..."

I can vouch for that one since I was the captain.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

FOIA and Dover Airforce Base photos.

A guy from The Memory Hole filed a Freedom of Information Act Request for all photos taken at Dover AFB of coffins returning to the US. AT first he was turned down, but thenon appeal the decision was reversed. He has a gallery up. What a shame most media will not show these. See the photos. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

View From the Cop.

The AJC has started a few "blogs" on their online edition, maybe their print edition also. One I am really liking is "View From the Cop." Detective Steve Rose tells you about the stupid things people do, and makes fun of them. What is more entertaining than making fun of drunks, criminals and morons? Det. Rose also gives good common sense suggestions to avoiding being a victim.

Having fun with drunk guys

An apartment maintenance man called 911 after he saw a drunk guy kicking the back door of his apartment on North River Drive. The man told the drunk guy to quit kicking the door so the drunk guy chased him. The officer went to the apartment and observed that the drunk guy could hardly talk or walk. He gave him a copy of charges. The man said he told the maintenance man some very common curse words but didn't mean anything by it. In my other new book, 'Having Fun With Drunk Guys" I talk about how those guys can't chase you for very long because they run in a circle. They just don't know it.

A good blog to keep an eye on.


Geese, not factories, gas spewing jet skis and developement, cause pollution.

Yes, a group of morons in Nevada is alleging that geese are the primary cause of pollution in Lake Tahoe. We had a similar situation at Lake Acworth just north of Atlanta. People were blaming the geese for all the fecal contamination in the lake because they did not want to look at the possibility that the sewage pipe running through the lake was leaking. Maybe in Nevada the solution will be to just kill all the geese. Who needs animals running around scewing up our natural pristine wilderness?


Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Bush's brain is missing.

Via Gamersnook in The Mirror:

PRESIDENT George Bush was laid bare to the world as a bumbling embarrassment yesterday when he couldn't think up an answer to a reporter's question.

His keynote address to the American nation, watched by millions, saw the president at his cringe-making worst.

In the glare of the live television cameras he grimaced, sighed, rambled and chuckled under his breath, before saying he could not think of a single mistake since the September 11 attacks.


Check out the front page capture.


Two comic strip characters losing legs in Iraq.

Of the two comic strips featuring injured soldiers, I actually saw the Get Fuzzy strip first. I don't usually read it, but was scanning the paper in the canteen at work. I was fairly shocked they would feature that. Doonesbury I can imagine. Trudeau has always been more cutting and political than other strips. The injured soldiers are starting to work their way into America's consciousness. With the DOD and Bush outlawing photos of the coffins returning home, and the injured being hidden away, it will happen much slower. However, it will happen.

Also this photo is being printed in a few newspapers. We need all of them to print it and others. 


I can't believe somebody actually busted some of these people.

In Barrow County, a cockfighting sting ended up with hundreds arrested. Usually, law enforcement looks the other way on these types of things, dog fighting also. Or they do out in the country, which Barrow is. In northern Georgia it is common to see cages and pens behind and beside old houses and tailers. Fighting cocks are raised openly. If the Barrow County Sheriff Department had ever been serious about stopping the fights, they could have simply had these fellows followed on the weekends. However for this sting they needed the help of nine other agencies, which leads me to believe somebody else forced this bust, and Barrow County went along rather than be left at home looking stupid. Since this fight was done so openly, and so many people were complaining about it, I am sure they had no choice.

My opinion on anybody who fights animals, dogs, cocks, or whatever? Prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, and make the laws tougher. That these idiots had infants and toddlers there should only mean more charges. 

Monday, April 19, 2004

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Roxy.

BRMC put on one hell of a show at the Roxy Friday night. The closest I can describe them as is probably be an alternative power trio. Lots of fuzz, similar sounding vocalists, and a bass played like a rhythym guitar. Think Triumph if they were cool, alternative, much better song writers, lacking all the big hair and spandex, and they didn't suck. Okay, they don't sound anything like Triumph, but they have three guys in the band.

They were pretty faithful to their CDs, with a few extended versions. Nothing pretentious, just a bit extra to really rock the house with. They managed to bad mouth their label as bit, thanking fans for showing up and supporting them, which evidently their label can't do. It is hard to imagine a band this good not breaking big. However, I only know about them because of XM Radio and Little Steven's Underground Garage. I have never heard them on FM.

Touring with BRMS was The Rapture, which seemed to be a mix of B52s and Devo. A great party band, and many in the crowd seemed to be there to hear them. AT one point I was looking at the crowd and turned around to see the lead singer bouncing upa nd down right next to me. Startled me a bit.

I think my favorite part of the night was when a bunch of skin heads grouped to my left right in front of the stage. I was a little bit leary, until I saw how they were holding each other. Skin heads do not hold each other like that. Turned out it was just a big group of gay bald guys. So I didn't get my ass kicked, but I learned a few new dance moves.


Saturday, April 17, 2004

NRA has some classy members.

Columbine victims dad attends NRA meeting in son's shoes.

A man whose son was killed in the Columbine High School shootings literally walked in his child's shoes to the National Rifle Association convention, where he hoped Vice President Dick Cheney would address the federal assault weapons ban set to expire in September.


Mauser entered the convention hall where the NRA was meeting, but was turned away by a security guard as several conventioneers applauded. A couple of conventioneers yelled "Get a life" and "Vote for Bush."

These pieces of shit are just a little bit classier than Bill O'Reilly, who was yelling "Shut up, shut up, shut up" at the son of a 9/11 victim. Did you know that everytime an NRA member dies by a gunshot wound, an angel gets his wings? 

Friday, April 16, 2004

Seems kind of silly to me...

A reenactor stands guard over a casket with the remains a crewmember from the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley.

A reenactor stands guard?


Thursday, April 15, 2004

Pi Kappa Alpha GSU Chapter still denies it is racist.

After the "black face" incident, they were accused of racism. Today in the AJC they denied it again. I know they are not, because they have a brother among its members. Hell, it might have one and a half brothers.  


Child Endangerment Law Passed.

The Georgia Senate passed the states first felony child endangerment law. Republicans did try to add a few amendments, but they did not make it onto the final verison.

A bill to create Georgia's first felony child endangerment law unanimously passed the Senate on Tuesday, but only after Republicans tried unsuccessfully to attach a gun owner exemption and an anti-abortion amendment.

The bill states that a person could be charged with felony child endangerment if his or her conduct places a child in "imminent danger of death, bodily injury or mental injury."

The failed gun owner amendment Republicans tried to attach basically said that while members of the NRA could not legally place their children in imminent danger, they could shoot them in season. 


I never thought I would see this again.

From ESPN's story on Baseball's all-time hair team. I used to love watching him pitch, doing the Mad Hungarian routine. His hair used to be longer.

Hey, he has a website. And a little more information with a really cool picture.



Think Bush has taken the wrong tack?


Almost exactly 43 years ago, on April 21, 1961, President John F. Kennedy held a press conference to answer questions on the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion by Cuban exiles that he had approved. "There's an old saying," he said, "that victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan ... I am the responsible officer of the government and that is quite obvious." He expressed private disbelief at and disdain for his sudden rise in popularity: "The worse I do the more popular I get."

Kennedy later made another interesting remark:

He remarked to his aide Ted Sorensen: "How could I have been so far off base? All my life I've known better than to depend on the experts. How could I have been so stupid, to let them go ahead?"

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Guess they should not have taken all that money out of the company to shore up the officer's retirement plans.

Delta bitching about huge losses.

Boo hoo! I feel so bad for them. Why does a company that is hemoraging money pay its chairman Leo Mullin $4.76 million a year in pay? Is he really earning it? Other officers are earning well over $1 million a year? Are all these guys going to take a 30% pay cut like they are trying to force the pilots to take?  

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Access North Georiga covering Ashcroft failures.

Access North Georgia is a fairly right leaning online news for North Georgia. They have printed an article about Ashcroft rejecting FBI funds request.

Maybe the tide is shifting? 

Monday, April 12, 2004

Purebreds at pounds and rescue groups.

Great story in AJC.

Ron and Ginger Anspaugh's dream dog -- a purebred English springer spaniel -- came from a pound in Jackson, Miss.

Michael and Jody DuShane got their newest pug from a pug rescue group.

Debbie and Gary Kazmier's show-quality black Persian cat was dumped with a cat rescue organization by a breeder who needed to get rid of some stock.

Those are three of an estimated 1.5 million purebred pets taken into shelters each year. That's why advocates for animal rescue recommend people consider animal shelters and rescue groups even if they're looking for a purebred pet. And don't believe that all the animals in shelters are "damaged." Shelter workers say the problem is usually with the owners, not the pets.

" 'We had a baby.' 'We're moving.' 'The kid is allergic.' We hear that every day," said Dorothy Wissler, director of Bartow County Humane Society, which works with the county animal control. "I've had unbelievable purebred dogs come in with their papers and even a receipt showing they paid $700, $800 ,even $1,200, for the dog they're dumping."

So even if you do want a purebred, try other resources before you try backyard breeders.

There is some more good advice in the article including:

"We just see dog after dog after dog come through and we keep saying 'Can you believe somebody dumped this dog?' " Michael DuShane said. "Why would you go through housebreaking when I can give you a 3-year-old that's housebroken, up to date on all her shots, spayed, and all for a fraction of what you'd pay for a breeder dog?"


Stupid response from conservative.

Was having water cooler talk with lady at work this morning. Was chit chatting about The Regular Guys getting canned. I pointed it out how it was ironic that they get fired for indecency after being vocal GOP supporters. Then we were talking about hypocrisy of GOP, and she says, "You know who are hypocrites, Clinton and Kerry!" I say "Tell me how they are hypocrites." She says, "They are both womanizers." I say, "Show me where they have ever spoken against that." She says a friend of hers knows Kerry and says he is a big womanizer. I tell her to first off, look up the word "hypocrite" to learn what it means before ever using it again, and then second, that Kerry was a single man for a long time, so it is natural that he would chase women. God, they are so stupid! Now onder they get hoodwinked by the GOP. 


Georgia Governor Perdue threatening House Democrats to switch parties or suffer consequences.

Perdue has met with 25 House Democrats and has said that if they do not switch parties he will "campaign on behalf of a Republican opponent in the fall elections." The slimey GOP actually got control of the Senate after the 2002 election by using similar tactics. If they can't win by election, I guess they are going to use any means necessary.

You know, I just look at the round, moonpie face of that fat man Perdue, and I just see a weasle. 


Republicans hate frivolous lawsuits.

And you would never, ever see a Republican taking up the court's time by filing a lawsuit that was without merit. You would never see that.

Barr, one of the impeachment managers in the Monica Lewinsky case against Clinton, is seeking $30 million, along with attorneys' fees and other costs. His claim alleges the three defendants took part in a "common scheme and ongoing conspiracy to attempt to intimidate, impede and/or retaliate" against him and the other managers.

Specifically, it accuses Carville of providing Flynt with FBI files and other classified information on Barr's private life for use in a smear campaign. It alleges Clinton approved of the actions.


Carville's attorney, William Alden McDaniel Jr., called the lawsuit a "legal embarrassment."

"It's a silly case," McDaniel said. "It's a perversion of the civil rights statutes. It has no basis in fact or law."

David Kendall, one of Clinton's attorneys, agreed the case lacks merit but argued that, even if it didn't, Barr's lawyers have exceeded the statute of limitations for filing defamation suits.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Just like Slapshot.

So I am at a playoff game of a minor league hockey team, the Gwinnett Gladiators. The ref drops the puck to start the game, and two guys instantly start fighting, gloves off and everything. It was hilarious.

There was a very boring mascot, a local beauty queen, lots of 80's rock and roll, a small crowd of large white people and some really bad skating. Yes, it was everything you could want in a minor league hockey game. Just like Slapshot. And we won! Up 2-1 against Mississippi. 

Friday, April 09, 2004

Holy shit, Regular Guys canned.

The Regular Guys, morning show at 96 Rock, was/were placed on suspension after screwing up a bit protesting the FCC crackdown on obscenity, which accidently aired a porn actress talking smut. Today they were officially canned. I find this hilarious because these two morons were huge supporters of Bush and the war in Iraq. They hate liberals, the people who fight for the 1st amendment and freedom of speech. Ironic, isn't it? BTW, they must have seen this coming since they are no longer listed on the stations website.


I hope they will be sure to donate part of their unemployment to the GOP!

Update: You can catch Eric's musings on his Mad Pundit blog. Nothing particularly intelligent, although he did seem to realize that he and Larry were going to get fired because of the GOP's deceny crap. While stupid enough to still be drinking the GOP Koolaid, he at least believes Kerry's Vietnam stint should not be attacked by the GOP.

The truth is that he went to war, saw real battle and was decorated for his behavior. It is also true that he came home and denounced the war before congress and at public rallies. The second act simply in no way negates the first. These anti-Kerryites refuse to believe that there is anything virtuous about his service in Vietnam, while bending over backward to find ways to portray Bush's National Guard service as not only full and complete, but heroic in its own way.

I won't be voting for Kerry but I still salute his service. His actions upon returning home do not somehow make the bullets that were whizzing around his head any softer to the touch. He, like other soldiers have displayed courage that I can only dream of. Vietnam shouldn't be a reason for anyone to vote against him... unless of course you consider the fact that he flip-flopped on the issue.

I don't see how he flip flopped on Vietnam. He went, he did his job, and he came home. He saw first hand what many never did, and was convinced that the war was a unjust one. Whoever said he was for the war to begin with? And even if he was, any intelligent person should have an open mind to new information, and be smart enough to change his mind if the new information warrants it.

I decide I want to buy a Chrysler. I love the styles and really want one. I research them on consume websites, and find out that while they look great, there are serious quality issues, and most people who own them say they are pieces of crap. Now George W. would just keep looking until he found a good review, and then rush off and buy the car anyway. Kerry would take into account the reviews and poor owner opinions, and then look for other cars to buy. If I decide not to buy a Chrysler because of the new information, am I a flip flopper or a good consumer? 


A man's man.

Jesse James from Monster Garage got his ass kicked by his ex-wife.

Jesse claims in court papers obtained by Star magazine, "[Janine] indicated to me that she did not love me anymore and that our marriage was over," but lost her temper when she returned form the couple's Seal Beach, Calif., home and found her belongings being loaded into a truck.

He says in the papers, "She began screaming and yelling at me ... and punching me. She punched me in the face several times."


According to the court documents, by the time the police arrived, Janine had already hit Jesse in the back of the head with a flowerpot and attacked him with a metal sculpture.

And, Jesse claims, Janine also attempted to run him over after an argument -- and punched him in the eye the day before Valentine's Day.

Why would such a man's man allow his ex to kick his ass?

Although James attempted to fight back, recent surgery in his right shoulder prevented him from doing so effectively.

Yeah, right. So much for that boast he used to make: "Bitch, I could kick your ass with one hand tied behind my back.

And this guy gets to date Sandra Bullock now? 

Thursday, April 08, 2004

I love Air America.

I am not too fond of XM Radio, however. Today they were running a promo for Alan Colmes calling him the Conservative Dragon Slayer! I almost fell out of my seat laughing so hard, which would have really bad as I was driving. Gotta get Sirius.

On Morning Sedition, a great morning drive show, they had a gay Republican. It was interesting listening to him defend his GOP membership. He has said he will not vote for Bush because of the Gay Marriage Ban. However, he will not vote Kerry, because of Kerry's support of Massachusetts state level law. I don't know why Kerry did not just support gay marriage? He has taken a stupid political stance that has no upside. Bigots are not voting Dem anyways, why pander to them? 

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Family values and a nice pair of pumps.

What more could a man want?

More than 100 people showed up at Johnson County Republican Party headquarters Tuesday night hoping to hear more about photos of state House candidate Sam Walls in women's attire that began circulating last week and have divided the county GOP.


After hearing a brief statement from one of Walls' supporters, the party's roughly 20-member executive committee adjourned to a closed session while the crowd, dominated by Walls supporters, milled outside.

Two and a half hours later, party chairman Jeff Judd read a statement that left Walls' backers and his District 58 opponent Rob Orr each claiming victory in the dispute about the photos and how they were made public.

The statement called on all Republican party candidates to "keep the peoples' trust by living their lives and conducting their activities in a manner that is above reproach."

Which means men should wear conservative dresses that do not show nipples.

The statement urged voters to turn out to show their support for "our conservative values and to vote their consciences."

Not their fashion sense.

"We are very pleased with the statement they came out with. That is the very reason we are running for office -- for our strong conservative values," [oponent Rob Orr ] said. "I don't know what more they could have done. I think they sent a strong message that the Republican Party stands for strong family values."

Not tacky house dresses and size 12 pumps.

"I'm glad the party came together as a whole to decide that Sam should stay in this race," Schar said. "Ronald Reagan once said Republicans should not speak ill of other Republicans. When they look at the issues they will realize Sam Walls is the conservative candidate here."

Even though he dresses like a commie faggot.

You really have to love these conservatives. Getting caught in little situations like this must be like walking out of the lady's room with your dress tucked into your panty hose. I guess, maybe conservative Republican Sam Wells could tell us for sure. 


Sick fuckers in Tennessee

Kicking a two pound, 17-year-old dog does not make you a man. Hopefully Chad Daniel Crawford will get his charges upgraded to felony status so that a cell mate can make him a woman. I am sure fellow inmates will thing he is a big shot for killing a little, tiny, toy dog.

Of course we never have anything like that in Georgia. I think people like that should be turned loose to crowds of animal lovers. We can hold this guy down, and I can try a field goal with his head. As a former soccer player and a strong cyclist, I bet I can separate his head from his body.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Iraq is not mature enough for free press.

Does Cumming have more idiots per capita than Florida? Maybe.

Recent shrilly written letters pathetically analyzed the closing of an Iraqi newspaper as a supposed -- and perhaps even conspiratorial -- governmental intrusion on free speech. It is anything but.

Just as children cannot handle many of the same drugs that prove therapeutic for identical diseases in adults, a nascent democracy cannot withstand the same tribulations that a 226-year-old democracy can...

Without the press delivering the truth, America never gets its independence from Britain. Without free press for its citizens, Iraq will never break free from its ... nevermind.

Just face it, until Iraq establishes a democracy, learns to drive, and shows itself to be responsible, they cannot have free press. 

Monday, April 05, 2004

My letter to XM Radio

Dear XM,

Whose idea was it to put Alan Colmes on Talk Left? I like the Air America programming, and love Ed Shoultz. Putting Alan Colmes on was just Clear Channel giving us a elbow in the ribs, right? Funny, now put him on Talk Right where he should be. He is not a liberal, he only plays one on Fox so Hannity has somebody to slap around.

Thanks for Talk Left. I was about to change to Sirius for the talk programmin and for when Little Steven's Garage Band type station begins. I will at least remain a paying subscriber for now. Little Steven's channel may drag me away yet, however.


Update: Turns out Sirius will be carrying Air America and they will not cut The Majority Report short to air that wuzz and Hannity punching bag Alan Colmes.

XM will be losing my business. Sirius has Air America, NPR, great music channels, and supposedly Little Steven setting up a "unerground Garage type channel- he has already set up a wiseguy show for them.  


Your tax dollars at work.


But Republicans have a solution to turn those soft Medicare poll numbers around; the administration is funding a new $12 million TV ad campaign, paid for by taxpayers, that touts the new Medicare changes with the slogan: "Same Medicare. More benefits." The ads, which are supposed to spread the word to seniors about the new law, cheerfully promise, "It's the same Medicare you've always counted on, plus more benefits like prescription drug coverage."

Critics of the new law, even on the right, complain the commercials are nothing more than propaganda designed to sell flawed legislation. Pete Sepp, vice president for communications at the National Taxpayers Union, a conservative advocacy group, recently told the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, "The ultimate irony here is that the taxpayers are paying millions of dollars on ads that promote a program that will cost them billions or trillions down the road."

Could they have more balls?

The media firm being paid to place the ads is run by Alex Castellanos, the same man who created ads for Bush's 2000 campaign, who is working for Bush's reelection, and who worked for healthcare companies to get the Medicare bill passed.

Sure, not only do they spend taxpayers money on what is basically a campaign ad, the Bush Administration makes sure the money spent goes to the people who helped them get into office. Sweet! 

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Seven Letters to AJC about Whitehouse, GOP and Clarke.

All seven very critical of Whitehouse and GOP.

1) When will the White House confront the reality of its failures and stop trying to assassinate the character of its critics?

2) They do not want the American public to know the truth. They prefer to manipulate information to advance their views of what is right; the country comes second.

3) I find Sen. Bill Frist's personal attack on Richard Clarke appalling. Instead of addressing his concerns -- that President Bush's focus on Iraq distracted us from the greater risk of al-Qaida -- Frist (R-Tenn.) launched an ad hominem attack.

4) Conservatives have controlled all branches of our government for more than three years, and things aren't going so well. There have been major setbacks ranging from education to the economy to the Middle East.... Perhaps if Clarke can endure the mudslinging with dignity, Americans will see the base meanness of the right-wing propaganda machine.

5) Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist said Richard Clarke perjured himself and is a profiteer pushing his book. Well, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black.

6) Efforts to declassify congressional testimony in order to rebut or embarrass a critic of the Bush administration makes it clear: The Republicans care more about vindictive politics than they do about national security. The administration's reaction to Richard Clarke has been breathtaking to behold. Their actions of pure hypocrisy driven by unmitigated arrogance reveal more about them than anything Clarke has written or said.

7) Sen. Bill Frist's callous remark that Richard Clarke is "the only common denominator" across 10 years of terrorist attacks is reprehensible.

Is America learning?

Friday, April 02, 2004

Molly Hatchet is still around?

One of their wives has died. Yeah, it is sad and all that, but people die. What has me confused and bewildered is this part of the story:

The wife of the lead guitarist for the Southern rock group Molly Hatchet was found dead Thursday, police said.

Shouldn't it say "former lead guitarist?" Oh wait, are they still playing? You're kidding me! Oh wait, they are! Now that is scary.

Hey look a new album, described as: "NEW RE-RECORDED BEST OF ALL THE HITS" Oh boy!

Lets look at the band's lineup. Lets see we have a lead guitarist, singer, bass player, drummer and a keyboard player. We'll I wonder who is on rhythym guitar? Oh I see, I have never heard of him before: "TBA - GUITAR" I wonder who he has been jamming with?

Next up for Molly Hatchet: Learning how to undo the "Caps Lock" key. 

Thursday, April 01, 2004

I am ashamed to be a Georgian today.

Georgia will allow voters to decide upon a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. When I read that in the AJC this morning I felt sick to my stomach. We are going to vote on allowing our constitution to give a thumbs up to discrimination.

Four black lawmakers, Randal Mangham (D-Decatur), Sharon Beasley-Teague (D-Red Oak), Carl Von Epps (D-LaGrange) and LaNett Stanley-Turner (D-Atlanta), who did not vote last time voted for the amendment yesterday, allowing it to pass. The next time these lawmakers are not allowed to join a club because they were born different than its members, I really do not want to hear them come complaining to the government for relief. They have voted to allow the government to discriminate against people who were born different from them, so they should not have a problem with the same thing happening to them. When they hear "Nigger, you are not allowed here" they need to remember that they just said "Fag, you are not allowed here." I don't like either, but I do believe a person deserves to be treated as they treat others.

Randal Mangham (D-Decatur) made a very stupid statement trying to rationalize his vote:

"We shouldn't have to explain to 6-, 7- and 8-year-olds why men are kissing each other," said Mangham, whose vote was critical in Wednesday's passage. "I don't like having to explain that to my kids. I will continue to support their [homosexuals'] right to do what they do, but they will not have the sanctity of marriage."

I am sure there are many people out there who do not like having to explain to their kids why that black man is kissing a white woman. Many Americans made an effort to make sure while they could question that, they could never make it unlawful. It is a shame that Mangham could not show the same courage and principles that they did. If Mangham believes that not allowing gays to marry will keep them from kissing in public where his kids will see it, he is a complete fucking idiot. I think now he will see much more of that.

I wonder if Mangham even knows it is the church that grants the sanctity of marriage, not the government. Many churches will marry gay couples. So they can get the sanctity easily. What they cannot get are the legal protections and benefits. And that is what this battle has been about. The government cannot stop a church from marrying gay couples, it can only prevent them from getting equality in legal benefits and protections. Mangham should at least make an effort to understand what he is actually voting on. 

News and notes from Atlanta, and a touch of national stuff, as seen by gttim.

Georgia for Dean

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